Friday, June 1, 2018

Siracusa: Ortigia, 2

Continuing our walk around Syracuse's Ortigia island...
How can you go wrong?

Executive summary: river god, Alpheus, takes a liking to nymph, Arethusa,
and chases her; just as he is about to get her, she appeals to her patron goddess,
Diana, who transforms her into a beautiful seaside spring

The spring: it's rather special when myth and an actual place coincide; another
instance of this, for us, was the Chimaera, in Turkey; but this is not merely myth, 
it is a story from Ovid's Metamorphoses; Vicki had a course on it in college...

Contemporary rendition

Celebrating Ovid's revival of Greek poetic meter in the Metamorphoses

Mediterranean color

Another street scene

Sicily is heavily into recycling; here, a cleverly disguised row of bins


San Sebastian, patron saint of archers


Off an and de-bearding mussels


At the market...irresistible ground pistachios

Delicious but unidentified berries the ladies in Noto had
fed honey in a berry

Our encampment at the marina in Syracuse


The view

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