Friday, June 29, 2018


Perast is nowadays another beau village on the Ria of Kotor. In its days of glory, it was the principal guardian of the narrowest part of the ria (bay, gulf, fiord, what have you), a free city associated with Venice, and, later, a major ship-building center. But now it's girding mostly for the tourists. It is just a few miles around the ria from Kotor.
There it is, upper left

Off-shore dining

Apparently the tallest campanile on the coast, in its time

Miscellaneous church interior

Much construction going on in Perast now

Spare parts

Lots of churches

The most interesting of the old palazzos is now the museum

Among Perast's claims to fame is Our Lady of the Rocks, the only artificial
islet in the Adriatic; they built the islet and then the church because the relic
insisted on staying there...look it up

There is also nearby the islet of St. George, which, alas, is not artificial and
also lacks a relic; but it has a chapel, of course

Street scene

Marina scene

Art class scene

The Club de Boule...a legacy of the Napoleonic era?

The Boule Pen

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