Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Malta, 8: Hopping Malta

Our Malta transportation cards included free public transportation for the week, a ride across the Grand Harbor, a hop-on/hop-off bus ride, and perhaps some more. I had scored tickets for the Hypogeum for Thursday afternoon, prior to which we would see Malta's other most important neolithic site, the Tarxsen temple complex. So we had some time to kill Thursday morning. The hop-on/hop-off bus tour of the southern part of the island was perfect: nearly identifiable glimpses of nearly interesting sights while enduring sun and wind and sand exposure (Sahara winds) in the company of...well, I don't want to be rude. Not me. Anyhow, I am sure there are hop-on/hop-off rides elsewhere in the world that are OK. And we did succeed in killing some time.
At a harbor on the southwest side of the island...traditional fishing boats and
an enormous ship of unknown nature

Container city, ship-building, and marine agriculture


All over Malta and Gozo, dry stone fences; many undoubtedly ancient

Hopping on and off

Major learning experience: Playmobil, Lego's competitor, is based in Malta;

We think this might have been a refugee camp; Malta is right in the middle
of the refugee exodus from North Africa

Still quarrying that good creamy limestone, six millennia and counting

Southwest coast

In the distance, an uninhabited island that the RN and RAF used for target
practice in WWII; now a bird sanctuary

More rugged coast

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