Saturday, June 23, 2018

Malta, 17: Mdina

Sunday, our last full day in Malta, we took the bus out to Mdina, in the interior, which was the capital until the Knights arrived in the earlier 1500s. Despite an earthquake or two and a siege or two, Mdina endured and was pretty much frozen in time. Thus it is now a popular day-trip from Valletta (or any place on this small island), appealing to people who like hill-top fortresses, panoramic views, and precious little Medieval lanes and such.
Entrance to the fortress

Helpful map

Once moat, walls, etc.

Some Baroque, some neo-Classical, some Renaissance; did not see much
Art Deco

Today's wedding; note the guy operating the camouflaged bubble machine

Interior of cathedral

Note swinging censer

Cathedral exterior with bride and groom about to depart
All over Malta I looked and despaired of finding any reference
to the famous American mystery/movie

In Mdina there was the Maltese Falcon shoppe, a pretty
standard tourist gift shoppe, with an image of the poster,
but also...

The Maltese Falcon; it even says so

Panoramic view

Toward Valletta

Somewhere in Mdina

Dramatic performance not taken

Nice BGT

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