Friday, June 29, 2018

Dubrovnik: Cultural Attractions

So on the wall walk and also after it, wandering the little alleys, we visited a number of cultural sites...
In the marine museum

A Mediterranean galley...note submerged ramming prow; these were in use for

Marine archaeology

Traditional folk street music


Interesting squares, buildings, what have you...

At length, we hiked up to a wonderful air conditioned restaurant named Kopan
(a fattened castrati rooster) and enjoyed a great, light, cool meal; my marinated fish

Mediterranean salad we shared

Her chicken salad

From there we did the ethnographic museum, which is housed in the old granary

And then (see, it really is a Crown of Thorns)

Then I did part of the Walk of Shame (clothed) (high point of the visit)

As Vicki shouted "Shame! Shame!"

"You know nothing, Jon Snow!" (One of the recent Star Wars was filmed here

We did a bit more walking in the alleys, including an interesting antik shoppe

But then our visit to Dubrovnik was over

And we returned to the campground, where, that evening, in the company of
many Croats and others, I watched the Croatian team smother Argentina, led
by the incomparable Lionel Messi, 3-0; a rout, in futbol terms, with highly
regarded Argentina very nearly eliminated from the World Cup

We spent two more days at the campground planning future travels and making
arrangements and also blogging and such; beautiful area; Dubrovnik not so
impressive, I thought; Vicki loved it, however

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