Thursday, May 31, 2018

Noto Fotos, 2

Continuing our afternoon and evening at Noto's Infiorata...
Noto very certainly has more churches than bars; maybe even pizzerias

All of them Baroque

Helpful model of the cathedral

If it ain't Baroque...

National emblem: Sicily is a triangle with three points; sort

This what it's all about: the Corrado Nicolaci paved in floral mosaics; the
wait to enter line was about 30 minutes; we decided to see it next morning

Another church; might have been the cathedral; Baroques all look alike to me;
this one is notable for our having FaceTimed with Rebecca and Penelope from
the nave

Another Sicilian icon; sort of a Pedro y Inez thing, I gather

Floral mosaics notwithstanding, Noto has some other
beautiful displays

Aromatic too

Us at the top of the Corrado Nicolaci

Looking back

They do other staircases too, though not in floral mosaic

With helpful illustrations

Looking at floral mosaics makes you really hungry, so we stopped for dinner;
above, a shared bruschetta; her calzone was not photogenic

But my grilled seafood was; except I don't think I want to know what the thing
on the right was

Walking back through the food market, we stopped and bought some pistachio
brittle; yum

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