Sunday, April 15, 2018

Return To Lower California

Air New Zealand returned us in fine fashion April 2nd from Auckland to San Francisco, where daughter Rebecca and grand-daughter Penelope were waiting for us. We got Le Sport out of storage and parked in Rebecca's driveway, as in past stays, and enjoyed the next week+ visiting doctors, dentists, etc., having the usual tests run, and a crown replacement each. Although we obviously enjoy travel, it is nice to spend a little time in places you know and not have to think much about the next day's or week's activities, where to shop and what to eat, where to park and where to sleep, etc. Among such places we currently count three: here, in Menlo Park, Middle California, in DC at daughter Rachel's Truxton Circle house, and, of course, dear Missoula and our storage unit there. Paris, and particularly the 11th, might still be a contender, especially after a lengthy return stay there in 2019. But I digress.

On April 10th, Vicki and I drove Le Sport to Anaheim, Lower California. It was an eventful trip that included replacing all six of the tires on our rig. But we got there, in better shape than that in which we departed. Storage can be hard on RVs. But I digress.

The plan here is to jointly celebrate Vicki's 70th birthday (a bit late) and Penelope's 7th (a bit early) with a multi-day visit to Disneyland. Rebecca, Jeremy, and Penelope got a head start, flying down the day before and staying at one of the hotels. Vicki and I checked into the Anaheim Harbor RV Park the evening of the 10th, and the joint birthday festivities got underway the next day. We visited Disneyland way back when--August 6th, 1970--have visited DisneyWorld many, many times, and even Disneyland Paris, once. Some explanation of this apparent excess appears in a 2009 post, and also an explanation of how come I know the exact date of our earlier visit to the Anaheim version in 1970, almost 48 years ago. But I digress.
On the first of our several Magic days 

Birthday girls at the birthday dinner

The festivities continue

2nd or 3rd day outing; more Disneyland coverage to follow...

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Tawana said...

Happy Birthday to both of the birthday girls!