Thursday, April 26, 2018

Disneyland Princesses, 2018

I am not personally into the princess thing, although several members of our party, especially Princess P, are, and they do not miss opportunities to meet with the royalty. (P did the full princess thing, including make-over, on an earlier visit). My role in the current expedition, apart from chauffeur and sherpa/porter, was to be the official documenteur (also Charge' des Batteries).
Among other characters met on the way to Princess Hall..."Who's
the slimiest rat in the pack? Captain Hook! Captain Hook!"

OK, so I am not very good at remembering
all the princesses names...

Except personal favorite, Snow White

The young woman who portrayed Snow White was superb,
all the mannerisms, exactly the right voice...

Princess #3 from that morning; interestingly, despite giving
up on Santa Claus, P appears to be clinging to the princess
ontology...when I spoke to her about the wonderful job the
Snow White re-enactress did, I was informed these are not

Now we are in Pixieland

Patiently awaiting our interview with Tinker Bell

Pixieland view of the Matterhorn

Grandma is invited to pose

Princess #4

Another day, with Goofy, my spirit animal

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