Friday, April 27, 2018

Disney History

Sadly, I keep trying to have a humanities experience at the various Disney Places...reflecting on the whys, hows, and wherefores. Few of the rides and attractions lend themselves to such things, but there were a few places where a bit of history breaks through...
At the Steakhouse 55, two large rooms of great old Hollywood
photos; Will Rogers with a very young Walt; Rogers died in 1935

Remember how great...?

Orson Welles and ...?

At the Soarin' ride, one of scores of great old aviation scenes

At a small arcade, nearly lost on Main Street, six of the earliest
cartoons on continuous display; P was fascinated with these

And at another arcade, mostly a gift shoppe, some more historical
exhibits of interest...

Helpful model of the original 1955 campus; a fraction of what
is there now

Actually, there were rather few of us viewing the historical
video; next time we're in Middle California, in August, I plan
to visit the Disney Family Museum at the Presidio, where, I
am told, all the history, and reflection, resides

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