Thursday, February 15, 2018

Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre, 3

But wait, there's more. In a separate hangar is a collection of WWII fighters, some on loan (and some for sale), of interest. All are late models, and the Stuka (I think) is a reconstructed replica. As in "Knights of the Sky," "Dangerous Skies" tells many stories through many media, all impressive.
True story: 1940, the Brit pilot parachuted to safety, landing square in
the middle of a garden party going on in Kent; the doctor
depicted offers him a drink after attending to his minor injuries;
guest of honor; he was stunned some weeks later to receive a bill
for her services

"His" Hawker Hurricane, depicted after he had parachuted to
safety; personally, I felt the Hurricane should have been
presented with more dignity: Hurricanes, not Spitfires,
accounted for 80% of the kills in the Battle of Britain

Much in the way of apparel, accoutrements,

And posters

Avro reconnaissance plane

Late model Curtis-Wright P-40; a favorite, though it was not
a star of the war

Mainly because of a boyhood infatuation with the Flying Tigers,
a John Wayne movie; interest in such things lead me eventually
to libraries and books, so it is not an altogether bad thing; it
wasn't long before I learned what a patriot/scoundrel Claire
Chennault was; my interest waned...

A reconstructed/replica Stuka, the famous German dive bomber
that terroized Europe from the Spanish Civil War on

The Jericho Trumpets (propellers) clearly in view on the landing

And, the pride of the show, a Spitfire

Great museum!

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Tawana said...

Oh, what an interesting place. My dad was in New Zealand during the War.