Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Musee d'Art Classique de Mougins

If you have interests in the classical world and in art, then Christian Levett's new (2011) museum in Mougins is for you. It is a one-man collection, like several we have enjoyed, but the quality of the pieces is exceptional and their juxtaposition with modern or contemporary art indeed shows the pervasive and continuing influence of antiquity on art. It is not a scholar's essay on classical and contemporary art, but rather the intersection of unusual collecting interests...and obviously great wealth.
The museum is housed in a Renaissance
building that was totally rebuilt, from within, to
house the collection

Some of the bust collection

Statues and other things virtually unblemished;
a Hadrian (much restored in earlier times)

Massacre of...well, sorry, I didn't get that one

Vicki's favorite, Domitia in the guise of
Demeter (Romans liked to dress-up)

Vicki marvels at the phallus colossus, a votive
offering found in the excavation of the Temple
de Gentalia Enlargimentia near Tivoli

Beautiful floor mosaic

Now on the Egyptian floor

A Chagall with arguably Egyptian origin

From Howard Carter's book; he painted, too

Attributed to Pedro Paulo...

Cocteau...Cocteau and Picasso both did time
in Mougins, adding to its flare

Howard Carter's remember him from Highclere,
right? Downton Abbey?

Back upstairs and some of the best Roman
glass we have seen

Odysseus, Roman, 2nd AD; for you,

Mariani's 1998 Transfiguration

Picasso's Four Models and a Bust; wait, no...

On the Greek floor now

A couple of later Picassos

The Venus is a Warhol, the giraffe (with drawers) a Dali

And another Dali

We are now on the arms and armor floor

Which includes the world's largest collection of Roman-era
arms and armor; not our thing, actually, although it was indeed
impressive; like all the rest

An article on Levett; founder of the UK's largest hedge fund;
keep it up Chris!

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