Sunday, October 29, 2017

To St. Tropez And Back Again

We'd not been to St. Tropez before, and, of course, it is famous, so we thought we'd give it a try.
We spent the night at an aire in Brignobles, and across the street
in a park was this variation on the food truck theme

In the seaside community of Rayol-Canadel, they adorn their
dumpsters in wrap/pix of local scenes; best rubbish bins ever,
so far

On the peninsula leading to St. Tropez

The aire was a few kilometers from the town, but on the coast,
and we elected to walk the Sentier Littoral into St. Tropez
Thus; sometimes on a path, sometimes on rocks, sometimes on
the sand beach

Ye olde fortress

Building a new boat bar for next season

The sentier took us by the cimetiere, where they do a lot of
ceramique fleurs; "Your French is excellent" a waiter recently
said to me, stifling hails of derisive laughter

Apparently some sort of thing in St. Tropez; we saw a similar
one at Nordkapp

Entering St. Tropez

The cross-bay ferry; very rough out; glad we walked

At a shirt shoppe in St. Tropez; if only I had a reason to wear a tie

Very clever calendar idea

Street scene

Um, maybe stay off the balcony for now

Street scene; most cemeteries have more traffic than this

At a fashionable shoppe: paisley is coming back, BIG-time

At the harbor, the elegant fish-cleaning station

Also at the harbor, the fashionable place

This berth available...your yacht here...

Like a used yacht lot; "we tote the note" (as they say in Foat Wuth)

So we tired of Le Big Nothingness that is St. Tropez and headed
back to the aire and tomorrow's itinerary

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Tawana said...

You can mark St. Tropez off your list now. Been there, done that.