Sunday, October 29, 2017

Cannes Scenes, 1

Not being in the film industry, we really didn't know what to do except walk into town, nose around, eat, take pix, and come back. We were in Cannes four days and did this twice, also taking an administrative day and a day up in the bastide town of Mougins to see a museum. We were at a campground, Les Cigales, in Mandeliou la Napoule, the first couple nights, then moved closer in for the next two.
The campground map of the region reminds that the Cote d'Azur
is mostly about mountains, with the beaches comprising just
an infinitesimal bit; nonetheless...

A "boulidrome," that is, a park devoted to boules, petanque, with
a dozen or more match areas

Our path to the boardwalk went down this short canal

On the beach, a physical therapy class

Rules, etc.

There were several areas where people with
disabilities could enjoy the beach

Sibling cities

Disneyfication of Guignol; this is scandalous!

The Royal Clipper, a steel-hulled cruise ship that makes runs
between Cannes and Barcelona


We had lunch at a place called The moules farci

And my salmon atop a bed of grilled veggies, with rice

Vicki's steak and frites; don't remember her dessert

In the marina area

Fleet's in; rather a better show than St. Tropez

So we're walking past the Hotel de Ville, from which a big
wedding party is emerging...and they are boarding two tourist

Well, all but the bride and groom and driver and his partner

Thumbs up: vamos! Weddings have changed so much...

In the big city square, an antiques/brocantes market is under

Sundial that shoots a brass cannon

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Wesley would love the Thomas train. Wes would love all the boats.