Friday, July 7, 2017

Romanesque Churches Of The Boi Valley, 1

After our visit to the national museum of art in Barcelona (, and viewing the murals there, we resolved to visit the Boi Valley in the mountains of northern Catalonia to see the churches and remaining murals ourselves. We took in three of the four churches on June 22nd.
The first church, St. Climentis; but the point of the photo is to
conjoin it with the ski resort condos that surround it

Inside, some original Romanesque era stuff

Contemporary iron buttressing; all these thousand year old
buildings lean precariously one way or the other

The main Pantokrator...projected on the wall...the real thing at
the museum at Montjuic

Real remnant

Fuller view

Our founder

Among the higher tech presentations...what the
chancel would have looked like originally

Helpful model

St. Climentis

Next church...other end of village..Santa Maria
de Taull

Some touched-up, some original

Leaning out

Not Romanesque, but still beautiful carving,
painting, and very old

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