Saturday, July 8, 2017


So at last we made it to Andorra, the town of Julia-something, which we initially mistook for the capital. The TI-babe set us straight on that. After spending the night at the nice aire at Julia-something, we decided to drive the length of Andorra to the French border and then back to the Spanish side to shop at the LeClerc there. 6k. The upscale shopping was on the French side, we understood, but not needing anything upscale, we headed back toward Spain, and Figueres. We actually liked Andorra though we hardly did it justice, touristically. Maybe next time.
In our excitement we missed the actual welcome sign

What Andorra is about, mostly, is shopping

And outlets

Street scenes

It really is just this valley/canyon

Not too small for yet another Romanesque church

Tobacco...there's a museum of tobacco in the

A river runs through it

Building up, out of the valley

Biggest LeClerc ever..and why not, catering to Spanish, French,
and international tastes

Life-sized animatronics

For sale, too...11k euros; just what your toddler's playroom needs

Killer wine section

Single malts

Why so many Spanish pigs have hearing disabilities

More animatronics for sale

Cigar department; I almost wished I smoked again

Someday I'll post a YouTube of the roaring T-Rex at the LeClerq
in Andorra

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