Saturday, June 17, 2017

Camino Santiago Portuguese, 5: Pontevedra To Caldas De Reis

The next day's stage was Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis, a shorter stage for us, hoping to break the final long days into more manageable bits. We had tried this earlier but missed the hotel and ended up with the longer day. Not all the auberges, pensiones, hosterias, hostels, hotels, etc., are right on the Camino. Sometimes you have to side-track to find something. Nonetheless, we got to Caldas de Reis in good order, found the desired pensione, and took the afternoon off.
Stream-side moment

So I think my photos are giving a very false impression of the
Camino as we experienced it; about 60% of it is on pavement...
concrete, asphalt, stone, tarmac, whatever...who wants a picture
of that? But that's what it was, despite the pix...

Northern Spain is covered in mostly wild eucalyptus--not a
native--and ever more is being planted

The day's excitement

Lunch, sausage, ham, cheese bocadillo

At a nice place on the trail

So the hot spot has gone to being a full-fledged blister; but
who's complaining?

Rec area in someone's backyard; aargh!

I think we may have seen this ride in Seville

What you're not seeing here is the Train of Modest Velocity
whooshing by overhead

Sometimes, fellow pilgrims will leave notes on the signposts,
profound thoughts, uplifting quotes, etc.

For example...Winston Churchill?!

Ever onward

Warmer temps, more water

Approaching Caldas, one is confronted with a variety of peregrino

Another political message

Color-coded Temptation

Color-coded florals

A kind of bill-board, don't you think?

Beautiful granite house

Vineyards everywhere

And more billboards

We opted finally for this one

Great scenery here and there

Potato sandwich the owner of La Moderna
gave us

So our pensione was on the other side of the church; on this
side, much Sunday afternoon music and dancing was going

Never did figure out what it was all about, but it stopped
abruptly about 5PM

And everything returned to weekend quiet

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Tawana said...

Potato sandwich. Hum. Interesting. Did you have your hotel/pensione reservations ahead of time or just find one when you came to a stopping place?