Sunday, May 7, 2017

Salamanca Scenes And Incidents, 1

We visited Salamanca in 2013, and, despite missing the cathedral(s) due to a holiday closing, as well seeing the whole place lit up at night, we designated it at once as one of our favorite cities in Spain. And we resolved to come back. Strangely, the weather was cold for April 29th, nearly as cold as in January, 2010, when we bypassed Salamanca entirely. But it was sunny and dry and almost pleasant enough to eat outside.
We camped at the Hotel Regio, a nice new hotel with a large,
well-appointed campground

Our day and night were spent walking around, visiting the
Plaza, the cathedral(s), the art nouveau museum, the Plaza,
the university, the art nouveau museum, and then the Plaza
again; here some Modernista in Salamanca


In the Plaza, said to be Spain's best--best I've seen, too--an
elephant sculpture has crash-landed

Tiled balcony undersides

Not sure what is going on here

Moorish ground floor, Stars of David above...?

Penitent figures from Holy Week as well as St. Theresa, et al.

Flying buttresses

Always follow the wandering minstrels, troubadors...

This time to a rather largish wedding

At the cathedral

One of the things we love is Salamanca's traditional graphics

Today's wedding


No sooner do we round the corner than we are passed by a guy
chasing a motorcycle cop

Today's 10k

Among many beautiful parks

The Casa Conchas under renovation

City wall remnant

Poet's Corner, as it were; monument to Spain's poets in a park

It was cold enough to be thinking along these lines

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