Monday, May 29, 2017

Obidos, 2017

From the Foz we headed inland to Obidos, a town we had visited and much enjoyed in December of 2009. (; I know, I know). Not so much in 2017. Although my pix don't show it, the place was over-run with tourists that Saturday. We bought our Obidos Ginja, walked the main street until we could stand no more, and moved on. Sometimes you really can't go back. Especially on weekends as high season approaches.
Vicki walking along the (dry) aqueduct from the RV parking lot

Tour bus #13 was just arriving as we approached the city wall

It's a beautiful little town if you can see past the trinket shoppes
and fellow tourists

Interesting bookstore we did not see in 2009

Still processing this one...

Very old press

We should have left main street and walked the upper town
(number of people varies inversely with the square of the
distance from the parking lot and with the cube of the distance
above the parking lot); but we didn't

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