Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lisbon Scenes, 2

Out and about in Lisbon...
Santa Rita's day celebration

Keeping a watchful eye over the Santa Rita
celebrants...but, hey, no sirens, no blue lights?

Very intriguing author I had not heard of, must look into

Plant-loving hotel in north Lisbon

The dictator Salazar apparently encouraged
Art Deco, and parts of Lisbon contain some
interesting examples

We spent an afternoon hunting some of them down

Deco Echo church Vicki wanted to see

Mostly for its glass

An interesting exercise in religious symbolism, updated

Instead of the Pantokrator, we have this...woman...OK, we get
it, it's a Fatima church...

More Deco Echo

Beautiful tree-lined streets

More fanciful buildings

A small museum

Needs developer...

Another beauty, now a consulate

And, the piece de resistance that day...Paris's gift to Lisbon,
an authentic 1900 Hector Grimard Metropolitain station...



Tied things together

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Tawana said...

How did we miss the Paris metro sign?