Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cordoba's Fiesta of Patios, 1

The librarian in Ecija had told us about Cordoba's Fiesta de los Patios--here homeowners in the old city annually open their patio gardens to the public--and we resolved to see what we could. As it turned out, despite long lines on a Saturday afternoon, we saw five patios, a respectable showing for tourists passing through, and enjoyed the flowery spectacle greatly.
But first we had to walk all the way around the Mezquita and
then into a nearby neighborhood, past interesting churches
and other things

A Spanish equestrian show...lots of equine prancing, etc.

Not our thing

In Cordoba we saw numerous stag and hen parties...not as many
as in Barcelona or especially Dublin; they are always interesting,

Street scene


Here the lines begin

Long lines; but they move

No patio? No problem; just convert your garage into a
temporary bar...

The Fiesta is very popular among Cordobans

Finally, we are in one of the patios

Official signage

More lines

In another patio

A shrimp plant, something I have not seen for
many years; my mother acquainted me with it,
and most certainly gave me my interest in

All of the old houses we visited had functioning wells

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