Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cliffs Of Armacao De Pera

West of the beaches at Armacao de Pera are alternating cliffs and coves, and a trail system links these for several miles. Before leaving the area on May 16th, we had a nice walk along the trail, enjoying views of the coast, the sea, the cliffs, the beaches. It's the Atlantic now, not the Mediterranean, but Portugal's southern coast seems far less wild than its western coast.
A last look around the camping aire at Armacao de Pera.

Among the little coves, this one pretty well developed; others
less so

Out on a little point, a chapel

Big but less populated beach

The rock is mostly sandstone, I think, and cave-ins do happen

Serious fishing going on here

In a farther cove

Floatsam, jetsam

Vicki exercising her free-climbing skills

Looking back to the beach and fishing village at Armacao

Tractor pulling one of the fishing boats into the water

Neat place

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