Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tarrragona: Augusto Tarraco

In a Barcelona TI we'd seen posters of a beautiful Roman amphitheater by the sea, in Tarragona, an hour down the coast. Other things we'd read suggested Tarragona, the ancient Augusto Tarraco, was well worth a stop. Spain's second largest concentration of Roman ruins. Between the beautiful campground and the beautiful city, we ended up spending a couple nights there. Augusto Tarraco began as a military center for Augustus, later his capital of the province of Spain. The place is littered with Roman remains.
Beginning with this triumphal arch, built 15-5 BC as a tribute
to the emperor, on the Via Augustus, 12 miles out of town

We checked into Camping Las Palmeras, a very large resort
campground right on the beach
Nice beach too

Nice site; after a long walk on the beach we decided to spend an
extra night

We took the municipal bus into the city; here, looking at the
Torre del Pretori, originally a Roman building

A young Augustus?

First glimpse of the amphitheater

In the adjoining garden; a sign said the rose was the Romans'
favorite flower

More pix of the anfiteatro, including the underground bits used
for housing beasts, gladiators, vending machines, vomitoria, et

We've seen our share of Roman amphitheaters, circuses, odeons,
etc., but never one with as scenic a setting as this; the Greeks
were uncannily good at siting their theaters, always with a view,
but then their performances were boring

More Roman bits, walls, towers

Interestingly (to me), the upper floors are
plastered over, but the lower story or so is
left uncovered, presumably to show its very
old construction...some Roman-style bricks
plainly visible

Street scene

Entry to the Torre del Pretori
More Roman bits in a forum

Street scene

You said it, man. Nobody f**ks with the Maria Jesus.

So we have traveled 5,000 miles to see a carneceria advertising
Black Angus? From Nebraska? Yeah, but it's not CBA (Certified
Black Angus)

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