Friday, April 28, 2017

Madrid's El Rastro Flea Market

Madrid has a Sunday flea market, turning the Calle de la Ribera de Curtidores and its offshoots into one long day-time paseo/outdoor shopping experience. As flea markets go, it can't compare with things we have seen in, for example, Vienna, London, or Paris. Actually, it is more comparable to Rome's Sunday market, which is mostly crap. But we had to give it a nosey (NZ)(=nose around). Plus we figured the Prado would be too crowded on a Sunday.
Madrid has some of the world's best street signs

Madrid's air quality seemed quite high to us; we did notice an
unusual number of military surplus stores around, all thriving
now that camo is the new chartreuse

Over-view; we got to the market right at 10AM; most of the
shopkeepers were still setting up; 10AM in Paris and you
would have missed everything but the crap

We'll probably wait until Sevilla

Since the flea market was mostly crap, we frequently stepped
into the stores along the Calle de la Ribera de Curtidores;
here we are in one of a block of independent outdoor stores; in
its mountaineering section, most extensive I have ever seen;
the Spanish are really into climbing, I surmise

Street scene

Many such minis; world-wide Mini mania continues; a good thing

These are hand-made purses

I thought she was Mary Poppins; maybe not

Nice mural

This made it all worthwhile: my new Spanish t-shirt

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Tawana said...

Your new t-shirt is wonderful! We thought it was interesting that every hilltop in all of Spain was lined with wind turbines! Somehow we were not expecting that. We do love the street signs in Madrid, too.