Sunday, April 16, 2017

Casa Amatlla, 2

Continuing the tour of Casa Amatllo
In the study

Good as Tiffany

Hall hat rack

More of the study; like working in a kaleidoscope, Vicki


Now in the dining room, huge sculpture above the fireplace:
Aztec/Mayan/Incan princess with the Spanish royalty...where
chocolate comes from

Giant fireplace; seats six

Unending eclecticity

Yes, William Morris wallpaper in the music room


Sheet music chest

Dumbwaiter from the downstairs kitchen;
worked too

More eclecticity

How about a Renaissance chest?

Moorish columns

Now in the gift store

Selling, what else? Amatller chocolate...which is all over

Senor Amatllo had the good taste to engage Mucha for his

For us, it sort of Thai'd a lot of things
together...chocolate, South America, Liberty,
Stil Mucha..., origins of Modernisme

Architecture had devolved to this eclecticism...not knowing
where to go next

Until Gaudi appeared


Tawana said...

Interesting place. I remember seeing the outside when we were there.

Rebecca said...

We will have to go back to see this house--amazing!