Sunday, April 16, 2017

Casa Amatlla, 1

Sitting right next to Gaudi's Casa Battlo, Casa Amatllo has to be one of the most looked-at buildings in Barcelona. although it was opened to the public, with original decor and furnishings throughout, only a couple years ago. The structure was built earlier in the 19th century, but renovated to then-current tastes only in the late 1890s. Its style is eclectic--the stepped facade is a giant clue--fitting the tastes of its owner, the 3rd generation chocolatier Antoni Amatlla, a world traveler and collector.
Walking innocently along the Block of Discord

The facade of Casa Amatlla fairly sparkled in the morning sun

Alas, not something the camera could catch, but it literally

We walked right into the lobby and--the price for jubilados 
being right, even for non-Spanish and non-EU jubilados--
bought tickets for the 11AM English tour

Staircase to the first floor/museum

But first, a little chocolate

A chocolatier better have a chocolate shoppe on the premises

Ceiling of the grand staircase, way up there

Chandelier in the main hall/living room

Senor Amatlla

Some of his very extensive glass collection

Stained glass windows facing the street

Ancient glass


The main hall/living room

Amatllo lived with his grown daughter; her bedroom; the wife,
we were told, had run off with an Italian musician...

Looking out the daughter's bedroom window, people gawking
at what the Amatllos must have throught was the monstrosity
next door

Talk about ruining the neighborhood

Nice screen

In the 30s, after her father had died, she decided she could stand
the Art Nouveau stuff no longer and converted her sitting room
to Art Deco

In dad's bedroom

Nice Gothic chair

More incredible glass

Senor Amatllo was really into glass

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