Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Museo Larco: Dinner And A Sex Museum

The restaurant at Museo Larco is as inviting as any we've seen. Irresistible, actually. It was right next to the collection of sexual artifacts which is kept separate from the main collection.
Part atrium, part opening onto the garden

Having sworn off pisco sours, I am here having a coca sour; a
pisco sour with two coca leaves; coca leaves, which I have since
been chewing, and coca tea taste nothing at all like Coca Cola

My Inca salad...substituting steak for alpaca (I'd be ordering
alpaca a few days later, obviously under the effect of the

Vicki's steak paillarrd with spaghettini of spinach, cheese, and

Lucuma mousse, utterly new and delicious 

Being a family museum, the sex collection is off to the side;
but very crowded

Sort of liked this

"I fart in your general direction!"

Everybody's doin' it... (apologies to Irving Berlin)

Add caption: best suggestion gets to be guest blogger; Tawana
wins..."somebody needs viagra!"

Not Khajuharo, but still interesting


Tawana said...

OK, here's my caption. "Somebody needs Viagra!"

Mark said...

OK, Tawana, you win! Let me know when you want to blog, send pix and text. The new grand-daughter, I presume...