Monday, February 27, 2017

Aconcagua, 2

Continuing my day trip to Aconcagua, in Argentina...
Looking into the canyon, huge blacks moved there by the


Best summit view

The 300 meter thick glacier is on the lower right


The lower bits of the mountain are sedimentary

In the visitor center, a display on the mountain's features and
routes; the west side is actually a trek; no technical climbing;
east side the normal route; other sides far more challenging;
3000-4000 try Aconcagua every year; fewer than half succeed;
several will die, mainly due to weather and altitude sickness

Base camp

So one wonders what par is?

By lunch time--Cristian had brought us some wonderful
Argentine sandwiches...beef, turkey, cheese, tomato--the
clouds had arrived and there was no more to see

Adjacent peaks, more in the 4,000 meter range

A map of Portillo

Nice setting, even in summer


In the historical gallery

A young Frenchman named Jean-Claude Killy
made himself and the place famous

Training ground for European and Norteamericano Olympic
winter sports teams for many years

Table with a view

Terrain, with Cristian's van


On the way back to Santiago, a last view of Aconcagua, the
west side, after some fresh snow

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Looks like you had a great time.