Monday, January 30, 2017

Iguazu Falls Food And Drink

We ate well during our days in Iguazu Falls. Jan. 17-20.
First night there, river fish for me, on mash; pork chop for
Vicki; on mash 

At the mate' store in the park; it was here I later bought my
own bolle and straw; I drink it with a child

It's really big, especially in this province, where most of the
yerba mate' is produced

At the parilla; not pictured, salad and dessert courses, including
a sliced banana in agave syrup (?) that was exceptional

Free hot water for your mate'; normally it is
spelled without the accent mark

Bags for carrying your own bolle and thermos

Varieties of mate'

Souvenir mate' kit

One of the hand-carried kits

Families often carried jugs of beverage,
sometime whole ice chests

Viva Argentina!

Later the second full day we walked through much of Iguazu
Falls town to the frontier and a great restaurant there; here
is one panel of an extensive installation on phases of identity...

The parilla-meister at Bocamura, cooking our lunch

Table with a view; of the frontier between Argentina, Brazil,
and Paraguay

Us, there

More river fish, this time buried beneath a tropical mix of
mango, pepper, tomato, onion, other great stuff

Vicki enjoying what the parilla is best known for

Our phone confirming we are indeed at the

Outside seating at Bocamura

From Argentina, the Iguazu, with Paraguay on the left, Brazil
on the right (so the waiter said)

Another pano

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