Sunday, January 22, 2017

Buenos Aires' Telmo Market

Telmo is one of BA's oldest neighborhoods, and on Sundays it holds a large outdoor market, block after block, mostly crafts, and no crap, leading to the weekly antique market at Plaza Dorrego. Our kind of thing, and another 20,000+ step day.
Another old colonial church, leaving the Plaza Mayor

Never miss a poetry bar

Telmo not as classy at Recoleta, but no less interesting

In the street market

Bass jungle flutes, incredible depth, tone

Fire stove incense burners, handmade

Music everywhere

Antique seltzer bottles

Adjoining the Plaza Dorrego

Frida Kahlo, one of the most photographed
women of her time, still an irresistible image

Off the Plaza, another old colonial

Local boy makes good Papa

Back in the Plaza, they were playing the slow movement from
Rodrigo's Concerto Aranjuez; if that doesn't put you in the mood,
what would?

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