Saturday, January 21, 2017

Buenos Aires Scenes, 1

Our last days in Menlo Park were a bit frenetic, especially with Vicki and Rebecca spending a long weekend in Las Vegas for a reunion with Marie and Stacey and Bob and Beth. On January 12, we departed, ready or not, for two months in South America, specifically in Argentina, Chile, and Peru. We are in Bariloche now, Argentina's lake district. The frenetic pace continues, but I am now within a week of catching up....

We spent the better part of four days in Buenos Aires and could have stayed longer but for previously made reservations. This city of 15 million is pretty much as advertised, as European as it is South American, lively, classy, enormous, and quite young. Mostly we walked around, visiting various sites, just enjoying the abundant ambiance. And ate...
We're still using mostly large-scale maps,
playing catch-up in our knowledge of the

Vicki doing the planning, as usual

Our apartment in this building on Rodriguez

Happily, a Carrefours Express right across the street, just like
in Paris

Bench, these and similar all over Recoleta, where we are; not
so confortable, really, all concrete

Centralized AC not a thing here

More benches

Opera house

More weird southern hemisphere vegetation

Beautiful parks, monuments, statues, everywhere

Among the landmarks, the obelisk, which Napoleon brought
back from Egypt; wait, no...

In the gorgeous old Galeries Pacifico

In the Centro Cultural Borges, 4th floor, an
automated museum gift store; a first for us

Among the many art and photo exhibits in the Centro

Center of the Centro

The shopping center below

A giant mate bolle; an emerging theme of our
visit to Argentina

Yes, that Borges...

Among the murals there

1930s murals in the Galeries

Muy famoso

Gorgeous architecture everywhere, mostly
neo-classical, colonial, occasional art nuvo

On Florida street, the mile-long pedestrianized shopping area

More architecture

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Rebecca said...

Yay! So glad to see some pics. Also, those benches are something else. Never seen anything like them!