Friday, October 7, 2016

Bourges, 2016

We strolled about the old city the evening before and the day of our visit to the cathedral (August 14-15). Bourges is filled with interesting late Medieval and Renaissance architecture; and history. And I posted on it in 2013 as well:
Bourges' very large aire de camping-cars is located next to two
large city parks, which adjoin the cathedral and old city; it's
Sunday evening, and hundreds of people are at the park, listening
to the band, dancing, dining, etc.

In one of the gardens adjoining St. Etienne's

Not all the architecture is Medieval or

La Poste in Art Nouveau

The great cathedral ablaze as the sun sets

Street scene next morning

Ate lunch here; prices not at all bad

Door hardware

Ivy League

Hotel Lallamante, 15th-16th centuries

All over one of the parks were a series of photos
evidently taken by residents of humorous scenes

Gotta like this place!

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