Thursday, September 22, 2016


For a day trip, July 30th, we drove to Vannes, one of Brittany's larger towns, mostly just to walk around, enjoy the ambiance, and stimulate the local economy. (The day before, we'd visited Pontivy, closer to Guern, for lunch and some provisioning, but, alas, I took no pix.)
P looks on as an artisan makes her a personalized necklace

Vannes street scene

Half-timbered everywhere

The bubbles man has stationed himself outside the cathedral

Fun for the kids; we bought one of these devices in Wales and
used it at Les Verts Paturages

Cathedral interior

Street scene with bubbles; what would the Impressionists have
made of this, the play of light, the transcience?

We visited many stripey and other stores

And ate here; it took me over an hour to tweezer out all the little
mussels, but they were great, Bretagne-style

More street scenes

And a walk along the ramparts to see the

And the old town laundry

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Tawana said...

Love all the stripey things! This is a beautiful little town...don't think we have been here.