Thursday, September 29, 2016

Paris Scenes, 1

Vicki and I had wanted to spend a few days in Paris, primarily to see the Fondation Louis Vuitton and the Picasso Museum, neither of which was yet open during our long visit in 2014. The Louis Vuitton thing did not work out, but other things did, on which I'll do subsequent posts. In any case, we stayed the next 3 nights and days, and spent most of the time just walking around this city we have come to love. Below and in the next post are a few pix from those days.
Near the Champs Elysees

Always breath-taking at first sight

We saw the exterior well enough in July, 2014, but wanted to
see it all; now, however, two years later, it is all garbed in these
tablecloth-like disasters; like seeing seeing the Winged Victory
spray-painted; we'll wait til it returns to its former glory

Beach volleyball at the Hotel de Ville

Somehow we always end up spending a couple hours at the
culinary floor of BHV...

Another bike barista

View from Left Bank

Planted in 1602

Beautiful Guimard-like grill

Capital in the very old church of St. Germaine de Pres

Theatrical performance aboard the Metro

Still processing this one...

The American Dream...must go there sometime

Opera Garnier

Interesting Art Nuvo buildings I may have posted before

Thought for the day

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