Saturday, September 24, 2016

Chateau De Josselin

It had been more than a week since Penelope's last castle, so we decided to visit Josselin and its very old and historic chateau. This was August 2nd.
Josselin street scene

We had an hour's wait before the Anglais tour of the chateau, so
we visited the town church, the Chapelle Notre-Dame du Roncier
(Our Lady of the Brambles) 

Tomb of Olivier de Clisson and of his wife, Marguerite de Rohan;
Clisson was High Constable of France in the 14th century; and
chiefly responsible for the fortress of Josselin

Detail; the dog was an important symbol of fidelity in the
Middle Anges

Anyhow, the church has two halls (naves?), one Romanesque,
one Gothic; here's the Romanesque

Looking from Romanesque to Gothic



Clisson's 14th century fortress had a keep, a curtain, and seven
towers; in 17th century, the Clisson-Rohans were Calvinists,
and thus Cardinal Richelieu had the chateau more than a
little "slighted"; it was largely rebuilt in the 19th century 

The "isolated" tower, across from the chateau

Nice grounds

View of the chateau, overlooking the Oust valley and part of
the town

Down river, or possibly up river

Frontal view of chateau; the tour indeed was in English; P, as
usual, listened intently, or at least acted that way; alas, however,
there is a no fotos policy

Nice down spout

After the tour we walked back through the old town to the carpark

Even in modest half-timbereds, there can be interesting carving


And thus

Another beautiful town and historic chateau

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