Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Loughcrew Tombs, 1

On a ridge of hills some miles west of Bru na Boinne, but still in County Meath, are the Loughcrew Tombs, another of Ireland's 3 or 4 great megalithic centers. The tombs appear to me about midway in age between Carrowmore and Bru na Boinne: smaller undertakings, still passage tombs, often with a dolmen surrounded by a a ring, but interestingly carved, and therefore more like their eastern neighbors than those to the west. Cairn T on Carnbane Hill East, is the largest specimen. It's a bit of a trudge climbing up to it, but it is more than rewarding. There a few people willing to make this trip, and you can easily have the place to yourself. OPW staff are helpful but more than willing to stay in their hut out of the fierce wind.

Carin T and a small ring neighbor to the left

The nice OPW ladies will let you borrow a torch if you forgot

Corballed ceiling, just like at Newgrange

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