Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Greencastle, Donegal

Vicki's sister Marie was born in Greencastle, so imagine our delight in driving through Greencastle, County Donegal, and thinking maybe she'd like some pictures. Alas, Marie was born in Greencastle, Indiana, however, and, according to the entry in Wikipedia, Greencastle, Indiana, was actually named, by its founder, Ephraim Duke, for his hometown, namely, Greencastle, Pennsylvania. Persistent researchers that we are, a little further inquiry revealed that Greencastle, Pennsylvania, was in fact named for Greencastle, County Donegal, which is good, since there are half a dozen Greencastles on this island, and I was not going to pursue it any further. Anyhow, Marie, here are some pix from the town that the town your birthplace was named for, was named for...enjoy!
Welcome to Greencastle, Donegal

It's a commercial fishing village on the Lough Foyle

Looking across the Lough to Northern Ireland

And an old Martello Tower there

Nice house with massive rock garden

The green castle?

Main street


Part of fishing fleet and fish market

Busy harbor; OK , it was Saturday, low-tide; we drove on to Muff,
where the Wild Atlantic Way ends, and spent the night there
before crossing over into Northern Ireland

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