Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fourknocks Tomb

Our last megalithic stop in Ireland was Fourknocks, a single mound and passage tomb about ten miles from Newgrange, with an apparent winter solstice orientation. When excavated, it yielded the ashes or bones of some 65, together with a variety of grave goods. Fourknocks' rock art is notable for having, allegedly, the only neolithic representation of a human face. Neither Vicki nor I saw the face, although I took many pix and keep staring at them in hopes of becoming enlightened...


Getting into Fourknocks proved to be an adventure in itself;
fortunately, Ms. White was at the house

The Key

Damn! I left my Indiana Jones hat in Missoula!

"Gandalf, what's the Elvish word for friend?"

We're in; one of the things we learned from the glow-worms in
New Zealand is that it takes your eyes 7 minutes to adjust...

Panning around

More megalithic art

Lintels; the zig-zaggy stuff is said to be "Iberian"


This is the face stone; I don't get it; help me if
you can

Another pretty incredible place, and a great end to our megalithic
adventures in Ireland

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