Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Amazing Grace; Or, I Can't Believe I'm Posting This, Um, Stuff

Our proximate goal was the top of Ireland, the Inishowen peninsula, recommended to us by Rick and Kathy Howe, and before setting forth onto it, we stopped for the night at the TI (tourist information office) in Buncrana. The whole point of this post is to note that this TI, apparently one of very, very few in the Republic, offers free overnight parking for touring motor homes. While this sort of thing--aires du camping-cars, stellplatz, sostas, and similar arrangements--is commonplace in Europe, in the Isles here, either the British or Irish, it is virtually unheard of. And worth noting and recommending. So if your travels take you to Buncrana, stop at the TI, thank them, go into town and spend some money. Plus, if you stop at the TI at Buncrana, you'll be parked right next to the brand new "Amazing Grace" park and garden, and will be able to read the story of the bloke who wrote the hymn. Another wicked and iniquitous person turned righteous and god-fearing thanks to falling off his horse/being struck by lightning/a really bad hangover/being storm-tossed in the Atlantic for days and days/etc. Details follow.

En route to town

Parked at the TI in Buncrana

Plus they also have free wifi

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