Thursday, June 2, 2016


Our navigatrix and her sophisticated software ( took us to the town of Leominster ("Lemster") about 10 miles north of Hereford, where a large, centrally-located, long-stay car-park, welcoming motorhome tourists (L2.50/24h) like us, awaited. We decided to use it as a short-term base of operations, staying in Leominster two nights, and thus stimulating the local economy (grocery, newsagent, pub, gas station, charity shops, barber). Our only complaint is that they need to turn off the bells at the priory next door during quiet hours.
There we are; plus we also dumped ("shitter was full") and

Beautiful old house facing the Grange, i.e., the commons

Plant market on the Grange

In Leominster's excellent little town museum

The downtown maintains its medieval lay-out,
the medieval alleys and streets retaining their
names; this is Drapers Lane

The priory church of SS Peter and Paul was a short stone's throw
from the car-park and was sufficiently interesting to warrant its
own post

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