Saturday, May 21, 2016

Stourhead, 2016, 2

Continuing  our visit to Stourhead...
Bluebells still out

More lavender...

And pink

A fine Monkey Puzzle nearly lost in the

Another lake view; the docent would say, remember, everything
you see here has been planted by design, by hand, for effect...

Every now and then you get lucky; five different follies/other
structures in view

And everywhere, rhododendrons

The Pantheon (one of the Henrys did a Grand Tour and got a
lot of ideas...)

Another folly and swan

Inside the Pantheon

Spring scene

Temple of Apollo

We had a picnic lunch just left of the bridge

Another gorgeous view

Ditto; how many shades of green are there?

Memorial and parish church

And ever more color

Gorgeous place

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