Sunday, May 29, 2016

Return To Kilpeck, 2

Pix of the parish Church of St. Mary and St. David continue...
In 2009, I was so taken with the corbels, I didn't
much look at the one door (on the south side; the
north side door and window were bricked up long
ago...the Devil lives in the north, one scholar
suggested; anyhow, click to is
rancid with symbolism, not all of it Christian

Right column...Celtic knots, a serpent devouring
itself (regeneration), a green man...

More snakes (Ourburos), etc.

A Celtic dragon on one of the corners

And now to the corbels...this one of only two or three I saw that
are overtly Christian

Damaged, but possibly an Adam and Even and serpent friend

Among the Celtic-looking stuff

Origin of the "dog and bunny show" expression...always cracks
me up...until I remember it was created 850 years ago in a time
and place of civil war (King Stephen vs. Empress Matilda)

Man playing a stringed instrument

A  Sheelah-na-gig (look it up), Celtic fertility symbol

I originally thought this pair were lovers, but now read they are
wrestlers in an identifiable Celtic hold

Man wrestling a greased Olympic sport in Texas


Anteater eating...?

There are, of course, dozens more, of which I now have copies. Duplicates of those previously posted are for clarification only; plus, I just like them. Most, if not all, are on Google Images.

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