Thursday, May 19, 2016

British Out-Takes #1

We are at Newbury, near Oxford, having back-tracked a bit, going seriously native at the annual Southern (England) Motorhome Show, camped (parked) in a huge grass field with perhaps a thousand other RVs. Seriously. We are very likely the only Americans. So far, we have the only non-GB license plate, too. But everyone is welcoming, interested, curious, as always. It is not our first UK of GB motorhome show. We attended the same show in 2013, when it was in Exeter. The show appears to have grown considerably since then. But more of that later. It's time for the out-takes.
At the Route 1066 Cafe, near Hastings, Battle, etc.

Very popular with bikers (someone else's pix)

Worth another look, and contemplation

Very deep, in Midhurst

Our original pattern, Franciscan Madeira, at a charity shop in

Not the first "Do not follow SAT NAV" sign we've seen

How welcoming...

Even on a quick drive-by on the A303, it never fails to impress;
the plan now, of course, is to dig a tunnel beneath Stonehenge...

Among the better-dressed garden visitors, at Sissinghurst

Especially on weekends, there is never a lack of vintage
aircraft in the skies above

Exhibit #2

On grass or at the beach

The owner lived on at Scotney well into her 80s
or beyond, and left not a few 70's items, many
still on display among the Victorian and older
pieces; note especially the bird clock, Carole

Among the older pieces, Tudor era plumbing...dropped right into
the moat, one surmises

The Chevy Chase sign (Christmas Vacation)

We're seeing English wine all over the south, some of it quite
pricey; perhaps global warming isn't all bad

Not written by a lawyer...

18 hours of daylight, coming our way

"Waiter, what's this in my salad?"

Do your chickens need a holiday?

How yellow was my valley...

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Tawana said...

Finally getting a chance to catch up on your blog. I had great plans to work on mine on our trip, but never found the time. If Wes had been along, I would have had time...let's blame it on him!