Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dear Missoula, 2016

We spent a couple days with the Rotts, got the propane bottles unstuck, and then headed on to unloading the camper, sorting and loading the snowmobiling goods and equipment, starting up the snowmobile (yes! first crank, never sputtered nor stalled!), picking up the trailer from storage, affixing it to the truck, loading the snowmobile onto the trailer, continuing the sorting, loading, affixing, installing, etc., until we are now, January 20th, ready to head on out and up into the Swan Valley for our initial snowmobiling adventures of the season. Amidst all this, we were able to enjoy our last best home, dear Missoula.
At Bretz RV, me rehearsing for bit part auditions
for Revenant II

Fighting back; Michael Punke was a member of
my board at Humanities Montana, very briefly;
nice guy, but way over my head

"Ummm...the pepper spray's great, but would you
happen to have any Sriracha?"

Special (beer-drinking) friends, the Rotts pour their bottles
of Westvleteren, direct from St. Sixtus Abbey in Belgium; we
probably owe them a case of Veuve Clicquot for all the hospitality
they've shown us

Local fare

Finally, over-nighting in our favorite East Missoula truck stop,
we are ready to head out and up into the mountain snow

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