Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Zion's Narrows, 2

Continuing our very satisfying hikes up The Narrows, Zion National Park's upper Virgin River Canyon...
The House

Shots looking up are really difficult...but here you're looking up
some hundreds of feet, through a 10-20 foot slit in the canyon

And here we are at a side canyon that is a well-
known landmark on the hike; we'd just finished
visiting with a guided party that had stopped
for mimosas on the way and shared them and
some stories with us...nice folks on the trail

And now we are deep in The Narrows

And really narrow

Pausing for the Moment


Wall Street, so-called

Looking up again

Well beyond Wall Street now

And still quite narrow

Proceeding on

Miles of incredible erosion features, high and low

And the stream responsible

Ever onward

Another floor to ceiling shot that mostly worked

20 feet above the creek, caves scoured out aeons
ago with grapefruit- and watermelon-sized rocks
left behind

Vicki and more Narrows

On the return

Petty incredible place...we'll be back

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Tawana said...

That is incredible. Glad you could rent some warm and waterproof clothes. Did you worry about flash floods going through there?