Thursday, September 24, 2015

Green River Lakes, Summer, 2015

OK, we were there just a few months ago, on a snowmobile, but just passing through. ( and This time we drove the washboard, pot-hole-ridden road and stayed a couple days, enjoying some crisp fall weather and great scenery at 8,000 feet. The freshly-groomed winter trails are far preferable for riding....
The Green River, having wended and bent its way out of
the mountains, now flowing south, to become the Colorado
River, and more

Our campsite in the Green River Lakes campground; there
were about a dozen other parties there, plus numerous day-
users, mostly fishing the Green

Lower Green River Lake, not frozen, with Squaretop in the

Up closer

Fixer-upper on the other side of the river

The local newspapers fronted stories of grizzly
predations on the upper Green, and our farthest
walk ended with news of a cow moose and
young one near the trail ahead; so we decided
not to spend the week days alone up the river,
and to head into the more populated wild... 

But we'll be back, in January or February, when the bears are
sleeping (carrying bear spray even then)

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Tawana said...

I have a sewing friend who has a condo in Whitefish, Montana. She said that they were hiking in Glacier yesterday and saw 7 grizzlies. I thought that was scary. Glad you did not see any!