Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rijksmuseum 2015, Again, 1

We continued driving the familiar ground, out of France, across Belgium, and into Netherlands, 3-4 hours, finally arriving in Amsterdam Saturday night. After a trip to BW Campers to pick up stored items, we camped at Gaspaarplas, and spent a couple days cleaning and preparing the camper for storage, and packing for our return to the US. We reserved one day for a trip into Amsterdam for some last minute shopping and for visiting some Rijksmuseum departments we'd not seen before.
Namely, the household goods, as I call them; here, some
incredible hand-painted tea sets, for two, for twelve, etc.

45 miniature silver items in a doll house kitchen

More table ware

How to do big hair in the 18th century

Hand-painted Meissen cutlery set

More Meissen...reminding us of the Green Vaults

Lots of flowery dresses and flowery head-gear

In the magic lantern collection; some were too lewd even for
me (to post)

Evolution of double-reed instruments

Traveling harpsichord

Oh yes, there is a Delft department; here, a
perpetual calendar

Breughelesque Delft

What really knocked us out was the engraved


And particularly the stippled engraved

Sort of pointillist in glass, pretty amazing

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