Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Three Sisters

After the White Cliffs, we drove further north to an area known as the Three Sisters. One parks on the river by some baches--Kiwi for beach-houses--and then walks down the river banks to the beach, where there are cliffs, arches, seastacks, caves, Moeraki-type globe boulders, but not very many people. It was still low-tide, sort of, and the crashing surf was definitely coming our way, but we waded out and got to see most of the incredible scenery there. One of our better outings, ever. We tented that night on the river, at one of the few free campsites we have encountered--along with a dozen others, mostly RVs. Oh yes, the ground here is mineral-laden, especially iron...the sand sticks to magnets and there are big iron globules hanging in the cliffs.


Tawana said...

I have never seen as many arches down by the ocean as you have posted from New Zealand. Just beautiful!

Mark said...

We agreed last night--and I think we have now seen pretty much all of them--New Zealand has the best of all seacoasts and seascapes. Pretty incredible. And more to go.

Rebecca said...

I agree with Tawana--it's like Big Sur on steroids!