Friday, May 27, 2011

St. Francis Duomo

We drove on to Assisi, another beautiful Umbrian town, with a history too. Here it was that St. Francis did his main work, founding the Order, reforming the Church, living and dying, preaching to birds, etc. The duomo is striking, but the real draw, for us anyway, were the 13th century frescoes by Team Giotto, and others by Lorenzetti, Cimabue, et al.

Besides, it was May 21st, the Day of Rapture, and we figured Assisi might be a pretty safe place to be; maybe we could even sneak aboard, stow-aways to Paradise. Come to think of it, however, I wouldn't want to spend Eternity--or even a moment--with that crowd.
The duomo, 13th century or so; interestingly has upper and
lower naves

Cimabue's portrait of Francis (c. 1280), part
of a larger fresco

Giotto's Crucifixion

The upper nave, with Giotto's vast cycle of the life of St.

Just a few favorites: here's St. Fran giving his clothes back
to his (earthly) dad, as the townies and gownies look on in

The pope has a dream that a guy in a Franciscan robe with a
rope for a belt will right the church

Preaching to the birds

Beautiful illusionist work on each of the choir

Thumbs up, Francis! In this touching little piece of
propaganda, Mary asks the Baby J whose message is more
relevant to the times, St. John's or St. Francis'

Chapels in the lower nave

Tomb of St. Francis

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