Sunday, April 10, 2011

St. Peter in Chains

We took Monday off. Rain was forecast, and after so much walking Sunday, we needed a rest. Tuesday was Vicki's birthday, and we celebrated at a restaurant called Ostaria da Nerone, then took in the nearby St. Peter in Vinculi (St. Peter in Chains) church, then headed down to the Coliseum.
My antipasti; Vicki had her favorite veal piccata

Domenichino's liberation of St. Peter; in St.
Peter in Vinculi

The church's major attraction, Michaelangelo's

Closer up

The associated Rachel, done by M himself
(not his shop, students, whatever)

At the altar, the chains that held St. Peter; or
possibly the chains the Byzantines stretched
across the Golden Horn...?

7th century mosaic of St. Sebastian, sans

Tomb of Nicholas of Cusa, Renaissance philosopher (left),
imploring St. Peter...

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