Saturday, March 26, 2011

Isle of Capri and Tiberius' Villa

We took the bus back to Anacapri and then Capri Town, from which Vicki was determined to do the hike up to the Emperor Tiberius' Villa Ruins (1st century). This was pretty up-hill, but beautifully scenic.
Old Capri Town is largely a maze of six foot-
wide alleys; in the central square, this was
the only signage pointing to Tiberius'


A bit further, there's this; thanks, Rotarians

But hey, it's Capri and the Mediterranean,
and getting lost is not really very unpleasant

Love the Mediterranean...

Still up ahead, Tiberius' Villa

The main road on up-town Capri Town, all
of six feet wide

More Mediterranean

Finally, Tiberius' place; he ruled the empire from here for
the last ten years of his life


More ditto

Looking down, 1,000 feet, to the beautiful blue beneath
the Villa

More of the Villa and Capri beyond

Tiberius' Leap; the Emperor so loved having those who
displeased him thrown from the cliffs

Looking back to the tip of the Sorrentine peninsula

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